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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

See below for the following preorder updates:

Note: These updates are also posted to our Instagram @darkmotherco

With all preorders, there are two acknowledgements that consumers agree to prior to checkout.

The first is on the product page itself, that you understand the 3-4 month timeline, and we do not provide extensive updates outside of this acknowledgement and understanding.

The second acknowledgement is prior to entering your information at checkout, with the same understanding as above.

8.25.23 Update | Halloween Heaties: They are still on the way, and as of today 8.25.23, are still in shipping / transit which is a usual practice of delivery from our manufacturer to us (as is consistent with almost all manufacturers). This process takes time and we appreciate your patience. As soon as they have arrived, we will provide another update.

8.25.23 Update | Mini & Large BatPacks: They have finished production and have begun their shipping journey to our HQ!

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